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Building the Future of Distributed Energy Resources

At Srcful, we're dedicated to pioneering the platform for distributed energy resources on a global scale. Our mission is to harness the collective power of decentralized energy systems to enhance sustainability and energy independence.

Srcful Platform Features

Open Developer Platform

Srcful offers developers the tools to build permissionless applications for energy systems, leveraging our open-source platform. Our technology stack is designed to facilitate innovation and integration across diverse energy systems.

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Open Hardware

We collaborate with hardware manufacturers globally to ensure compatibility and scalability. By contributing to or using our open-source hardware specifications, partners can create devices that seamlessly integrate with the Srcful network.

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Data Ownership and Control

Users retain full control over their energy data with the ability to manage access as they see fit. This ensures that Srcful remains the most user-aligned platform in the energy sector, promoting transparency and trust.

Verified Energy Data

Srcful employs advanced data verification techniques to maintain high trust levels between all network participants, ensuring that both developers and users can rely on the integrity of the data.

Blockchain Integration

Building on the Solana blockchain, Srcful utilizes its high throughput and low latency to manage transactions and data securely, ensuring a scalable and efficient network.

Use Cases

Srcful's platform enables a myriad of applications, from residential to commercial scale, driving forward innovations in energy management, grid services, and consumer empowerment.

  • Grid Services
  • Leverage distributed energy resources to provide essential grid services, enhancing grid stability and efficiency.
  • Develop community-based solar projects that benefit entire neighborhoods or regions.
  • Create platforms for energy trading among users, promoting energy democracy.
  • Smart Energy Management
  • Develop applications that optimize energy usage based on real-time data and predictive algorithms.

Build on Srcful

Join the Srcful ecosystem and start building applications that empower energy producers and consumers alike. Whether you're looking to innovate in hardware or software, Srcful provides the resources to support your projects.

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Documentation and Guides

Access detailed documentation and developer guides to get started with building on Srcful.

Join us in shaping a sustainable and empowered future through innovative energy solutions.

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