joey hiller in Kalmar

Discovering DePIN: A Recap of the Kalmar Blockchain Meetup

April 23, 2024

Fredrik Ahlgren


Discovering DePIN: A Recap of the Kalmar Blockchain Meetup

Last Wednesday, the serene city of Kalmar transformed into a hub for blockchain enthusiasts as it hosted the much-anticipated "DePIN is Here to Change the World, But What Is It?" meetup. Held at Bredbandet 1, this event not only marked a significant moment for those keen on the future of decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) but was likely the first event of its kind in Kalmar and perhaps even in Sweden.

The evening began at 5:15 PM with registration, followed by a friendly mingle among the 45 attendees, most of whom were new to the area of DePIN. By 6:00 PM, the room buzzed with anticipation for the insights that would soon unfold. Johan Leitet, our gracious host, welcomed everyone, setting a warm and engaging tone for the evening.

Joey Hiller from the Helium Foundation took the stage first, delivering a compelling keynote on Helium’s journey in building the world’s largest IoT network. His talk not only highlighted the challenges and triumphs of their path but also gave a glimpse into the potential future of mobile and IoT connectivity.

Following Joey, Mark Ballandies from Onocoy joined via Discord to provide a deep dive into DePIN tokenomics. His detailed presentation enriched our understanding of how decentralized networks can be economically sustainable and beneficial.

Next, I had the privilege to speak about how DePIN technology is revolutionizing the energy sector. My presentation aimed to demystify DePIN and its impact on creating a more sustainable and efficient energy landscape. The audience's engagement was palpable, with many nodding in agreement and curiosity.

The presentations were followed by an open Q&A session, where the floor opened to a flurry of thoughtful questions, sparking lively discussions among the panelists and participants. This interactive segment demonstrated the community's vested interest in the transformative potential of blockchain technology.

As promised, the event wasn't all talks. At 7:15 PM, we broke for some well-deserved pizza and beer. This casual setting provided a perfect backdrop for attendees to network, debate ideas, and even forge new collaborations, all while enjoying delicious slices and refreshing brews.

The Kalmar Blockchain Meetup was not just an event but a starting point for many in attendance, signaling the beginning of Kalmar’s role in the global blockchain revolution. For those of us already immersed in this field, it reinforced our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what decentralized technology can achieve in the real world.

Thank you to all who joined us, and for those who missed it, stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore and innovate in the world of blockchain and beyond. Here’s to many more gatherings where we can unite to shape a technology-driven, sustainable future!