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Accelerating renewable energy by connecting distributed resources. At Srcful, users take control, building the network with their solar or battery installations. Join our mission—manage your data, power your future, and earn rewards for your contributions.

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Join the Srcful community and drive the sustainable energy revolution. Connect your solar panels or batteries to our Solana-powered network, supporting environmental sustainability and decentralized energy. Own your data, earn rewards, and empower your home and community for a cleaner future.

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Have a Solar PV System? Buy an Energy Gateway today, connect your system and start earning rewards
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Partner up
Srcful seeks partners in the energy sector to enhance sustainability and drive technological advancements. We aim to boost energy efficiency and promote renewables. Interested organizations are invited to join our transformative initiative.
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Energy Warden
Become an Energy Warden and earn rewards by helping the Energy Grid. Planned re-opening in August 2024.
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We know that grasping the full scope of Srcful can be challenging. That's why we've crafted our documentation to comprehensively answer all your questions. Dive into our resources to make your experience with Srcful as smooth and informative as possible.
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Connecting DERs (Decentralized Energy Resources) is our mission. Make sure to take a look at our explorer to browse connected systems, their production and rewards.

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Our mission

At Sourceful, our primary mission is to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy by connecting as many distributed resources as possible. We are dedicated to creating the largest network of distributed renewable energy resources, empowering the acceleration towards a sustainable and prosperous future. Through innovation and collaboration, we strive to harness the power of renewable energy to transform our world for the better.

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Why you should care

Sourceful champions a shift in energy control, ensuring those who install solar systems and batteries command their data and power. By harnessing blockchain technology, we build decentralized networks that empower, not exploit, our members. Our goal is clear: to place real ownership and power in the hands of homeowners, not corporations. Join us in pioneering a truly participative energy future.

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